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Computer Science

  • Orwellian State Machine (OSM).
    An OSM is a new architecture for game AI. It is based on hierarchical control but extends it a step further with the help of a metaphor of Bureaucratic Dictatorship. The main advantage of OSM is in the effective management of interaction complexity applied consistently from the position of the metaphor. The proposed architecture is quite general and can be used for building other game engine subsystems.
  • "L-Systems with inheritance: an object-oriented extension of L-systems"
    ACM SIGPLAN Notices, Volume 30 , Issue 5 (May 1995), pages: 43 - 60

    This paper was written during my work on vegetation modeller for
    World Builder. After developing this tool for a number of years I was finally convinced that moving from custom L-Systems-based language to, say, Python would offer significant advantage. Before leaving Digital Element I made initial port of L-Systems to Python. This proof-of-idea port later evolved into a new tool Verdant.

    L-Systems remain a useful theoretical tool. L-Systems with inheritance offered a minimalistic framework for exploring inheritance in O-O programming languages from the theory of categories point fo view. (Reference on this work is coming.)
  • " GPU acceleration for Surgical Eye Imaging"
    SIAM 2009, San Francisco, ppt slides

    A work done for Kerner Graphics and TrueVision: prototyping CUDA-accelerated algorithms for real time feature detection and tracking in eye surgery using custom kernel for meanshift-style filtering.