Igor Borovikov

04.2008 to present: Electronic Arts The Sims Project (The Sims 3, EPs, Tools, The Sims Medieval and more)
07.2005 to 03.2008: FrameFree Technologies, Inc.
2006.07-04.2008: Chief Scientist, Senior Engineer,
- Supervised and contributed to a number of R&D and engineering projects developed by international
teams in the US, Russia and Japan with total up to 8 engineers reporting. Some of the projects:
-- Experimental video CODEC based on FrameFree Video (FFV),
-- Motion deblur project for cell phone cameras,
-- Interpolated VR-like panoramas for motion pictures, video and games,
-- Development and integration of FrameFree SDK into an external application,
-- Conversion of 2D to Stereoscopic 3D for video,
-- Stereoscopic 3D viewer for terrain data visualization,
-- Security and remote sensing cameras real time apps,
-- Port of the core pixel matching algorithms to FPGA,
- Conducted to due diligence and evaluation of an external IP in discrete math,
- Made principal contribution to several patent applications for Frame Free Video.

2005.07-2006.06: Senior Engineer, Scientist
- Contributed to the design and development of innovative video compression scheme FFV
by researching, evaluating and implementing existing and novel motion segmentation
techniques, clustering methods, compression schemes for different kinds of data and more,
- Using D3D and pixel shaders implemented standalone real time player for FFV,
- Developed in Python distributed encoding framework.
04.2002 to 07.2005: Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA, Foster City),
Rise to Honor for PS2 Jet Li Game (Greatest Hits, Editor’s Choice Award by GamePro Magazine),
Senior Programmer, generalist. While working closely with designers and animators:
- Contributed to AI: dynamic obstacles avoidance, automated navigation graph generation, contributed to scripting systems, worked on systems integration, etc
- Developed Contextual Action system and implemented number of contextual actions (RTH and Jet Li Game 2),
- Proposed and implemented with coworkers enhancements to grab system,
- Contributed to tools development, integrated Python into Motor Tool, used Python scripting for data analysis, recovery, validation and manipulation,
- Modeled physically based in-game helicopter and vehicles movement
- Proposed and implemented in Python an automated refactoring procedure for unmanageable legacy code

Jet Li Game 2, PS2/PSP:
- Implemented an inexpensive flocking system for birds controlled by regular NPC AI and AI scripts,
- Integrated Lua as scripting language for AI, implemented foundation for the use of Lua co-routines in AI scripting
- Using wxPython developed UI-driven Behavior Editor integrated with Maya via sockets communication
- Proposed Orwellian State Machine AI architecture, contributed to its implementation for Stealth and Formation AI
- Presented "Orwellian AI" talk on GDC'05 and contributed to "Game AI Wisdom 3"
04.2001 to 04.2002: 3DO Company, Principal Engineer,
Jonny Moseley Mad Trix
for PS2
- Implemented physics of extreme downhill skiing including flips, spins, grinds, half-pipes etc.
- Plausible physics for non-player objects

AnimaTek World Builder (AWB) project:
11.2000 to 08.2003: Project Lead, member of Directors Board of Digital Element Inc.
1998 to 11.2000: AnimaTek. Project Lead.
1993-1998 Chief Programmer

- Vegetation modeling system consisting of three modules: custom implementation of object-oriented L-systems, genetic modeler and visual plant editor. Major features are extensibility, wizard-based wind animation, LOD, efficient data representation and rendering.
- Over 100 parameterized L-system models of plants for object libraries.
- Particles system grass with wind animation.
- Customization of plants engine for Maya (SGI and NT)
- Export of plants into Plants engine for Sony PS-2 (programming samples project)
- Layered sky model with animation and volume lighting effects.
- Roads network system with camera animation.
- Scripting capabilities for AWB
- Numerous shaders, filters, utilities, models, UI elements and more
- Contributed to system architecture and rendering engine.
- Variator Tool for automated tweaking of procedural models
- Made initial port of L-System vegetation modeler to Python and OpenGL (now it's a standalone product Verdant)

Introduced the original concept and supervised the development of:
- Incremental Design technology in AWB
- COM-based Communication utility for integration of 3D packages, with Max Communicator as part of commercial release of AWB and prototype for Maya.
- “Meta-renderer”, a methodology to enhance the efficiency of rendering engines, with working prototype in Maya.

Played the key role in creating of technical proposals and specifications for several high-profile projects. The most high-profile project:
- World Builder procedural models for Sony PS-2 real time programming samples.

Other titles:
- Final Fantasy Tactics (PSOne, SquareSoft) opening and closing movies, plants modeling (awarded with Sony Platinum Prize for opening/closing cinematics, 1998)
- "Nature Collector: Fresh Water Fish" (AnimaTek, PC Windows) game, plants modeling
Arthur's Knights (PC Windows, Cryo Interactive): World Builder creative support

World Builder was awarded with:
- PC FORMAT Gold Award (1998),
- Animation Magazine’s Golden Pixie Award “Best Exterior Environment Generator” (1997),
- Computer Graphics World Magazine’s First Award (1995).

12.2000-03.2001. Geometrix Inc (San Jose, CA) Contract programming.
Developing additional export OpenGL-based functions and UI controls for Immersion’s LightScribe (3D computer vision package) and in-house applications.
1994. For Pedagogical University of Weingarten, Germany,
co-developed two educational 3D programs "Geometric Modules Test" and "Solidest".
1993-1994. As a part time employee at RRG (Moscow, currently Interna, a former subsidiary of Rockwell Science Center) contributed to the conceptual design and prototyping of a new visual object-oriented programming system BPE (Block Programming Environment).
Winter of 1993/94. Presented a course of lectures on object-oriented programming in Moscow Institute of Electronics (Zelenograd, 20 hours)
1989-1993. As a Senior Researcher at Research Institute for Micro-Electronic Devices (division of ELAS state company, Moscow):
- Leading a group of engineers developed a debugging and testing system for space telecommunication onboard software for joint project with Sun Microsystems and NASA code name “Courier”.
- Contributed to development of special purpose control systems on a classified project.
1984-1989. Contract work at MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) on a jet control system model.
- Proposed and tested a new method of translating of 2D modeling results to 3D flows with axial symmetry. A remarkably high correlation with experimental data was achieved.
- Implemented a system for modeling of flows with axial symmetry and free surface

1986-1989. Postgraduate courses at MIPT, Ph.D. in “Mathematical Cybernetics”. The dissertation introduced new methods of order reduction for optimal control systems using methods of Lie groups, symplectic geometry and theory of categories.

1980-1986. MIPT, Faculty of Control and Applied Mathematics. Master's Degree in Automatic Control.

Technical summary: C/C++, variety of platforms and programming languages, SDKs, APIs, etc.
Publications: 21 scientific and technical presentations and papers (10 in English, 11 in Russian).

- Review of Deep Paint 3D at the former, 2000.
Cover image for Cadalyst, September issue, 1998.
-Snowy Scene” tutorial in
3D Artist, issue 32.
CG images in the on-line galleries: 3D Café, 3D Art and other.

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