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Tag Archives: Python

Bare-bones Tasks Manager in Python

Utilizing multi-core architecture in Python scripts could be challenging even though there is already a number of libraries for that. For simple cases the following home-brewed solution consisting of a small TaskManager class can be a viable option.

Notes on Perceptron. Part 3: The Pocket Algorithm and Non-Separable Data

Here we look at the Pocket algorithm that addresses an important practical issue of PLA stability and the absence of convergence for non-separable training dataset.

Notes on Perceptron. Part 2: PLA Visualization.

Couple of 2d visualizations for Perceptron Learning Algorithm (PLA) are showing the behavior of plain vanilla PLA.

Artificial Linearly Separable Test Data in Python

Generating artificial test data for Machine Learning (ML) algorithms is an important step in their development. This post discusses generation and plotting of linearly separable test data for binary classifiers like Perceptron.